Blonde School Girl Victoria White Gets Rammed

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Aug 262013

Victoria White has always been a naughty girl, but well getting dressed up as a school girl is going to a whole new level. Look at this gorgeous girl stand there in her kinky uniform, she has a few books in her hand and how awesome is she? Victoria turns around now and well I almost fell off my chair, that ass is so freaking tight. This glamour girl lets us watch now as she starts to get naked, her naughty teacher wasn’t going to stop her, in fact he couldn’t wait to get his dick inside this girls sweet pussy.

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Sexy school girl Mana Aoki was very naughty

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Jun 302013

Like most girls at school Mana Aoki always tries to be on her best behavior, but there was a new guy at school and she really liked him. He seemed to be only interested in the naughty girls, the ones who would play up in class and just be wild. But she had an idea on how to get his attention, she decided to be the naughty girl in class and hoped it would be enough for him to notice her. Seriously though, if there was a kinky babe like her in my class I’d be happy to let her ride my cock. Anyway, she plays up in class and ends up getting detention, she doesn’t mind though as for the first time ever this guy actually told her it was pretty cool what she did, and he might even join her for detention. She went there after school and started writing out some lines, but then she noticed he was watching her at the window. She couldn’t resist being cheeky one more time, so she started stripping naked in the room while she knew he was watching her. I bet he gets in there as quick as he can and gives her some action.