Breathtaking Scenery with Naked Babes

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Nov 112018

Believe it or not, location does matter to me when it comes to pornography. I watch a lot of hardcore stuff and most of it is filmed in the same sort of places over and over again. Losing myself in how intense the action is still happens, but I can’t help but to feel a little bored after it’s over. I get tired of the same old scenery again and again.

That’s when I like to escape for a while to more artistic stuff. I look for erotic nudes instead of blatant smut. Sites like Femjoy really hit the mark for me. It delivers stunning nubile vixens and photographs them in a wide variety of spaces. Outdoor shoots are especially appealing in my opinion. It makes the girls look almost like some sort of sexy myth of sirens and temptresses. It is such a welcome change.

For those who think artistic nudes can’t possibly be exciting with so much more explicit stuff being available out there, I urge you to at least check it out and see for yourself. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and maybe even find it refreshing. Get your FemJoy discount for 76% off here.

Avery Ray Exposing Herself By The Lake

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Aug 202013

It might be early morning but for Avery Ray it’s the perfect time to have some fun by this lake. She loves being outdoors, and will use any excuse to get naughty in it. Once again this stunning model is wearing a bikini, it’s actually a purple one this time, and as you can see it doesn’t cover much of her large boobs. Look at this solo model lean on the tree, she makes sure we’ve got a clear view of that gorgeous looking body. Wanting to go a little further though, she turns around next and runs her hands all over that smoking hot ass. Now she slowly pulls her bikini open, and wow are those the hottest looking tits or what? This girl has really stolen my heart, I know she isn’t done yet so lets see if she will go all the way and get naked. Right on cue this dazzling hot girl does just that, with her bikini removed, and now her swimmers following this is just getting totally awesome. I hope Avery takes a skinny dip in the lake next, that is something that I would totally love to see. I just love seeing this babe getting nude!

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